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Saturday 1st February 202014:00Funeral of Alan Shackles in Church
Sunday 2nd February 2020 Candlemas (The Presentation of Christ in the Temple)
Monday 3rd February 202019:30PCC meeting - Stokesley Town Hall
Monday 10th February 202010:45Funeral of Ella Hicks at Teesside Crematorium
Monday 17th February 202011:15Funeral of David Marquis at St Hilda's, Teesside Crematorium
11:15Communion at Springfield House
A communion service with hymns for residents and friends of Springfield House (from various denominations) in their community room. Others are always welcome.
Monday 24th February 202011:30Funeral of Mary Mackay at Cremetorium
Friday 28th February 202013:00Funeral in church followed by Burial - Stephen John White
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