History: Rectors of Stokesley

The first record of a priest at Stokesley is the Domesday Book of 1086.

Between 1153 and 1660, standard County histories record the names of 40 incumbents. They include at least one Dean of York; and in the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First, one (Richard Barnes, 1567) who went on to be Bishop of Durham in 1577.

The last Rector before the Civil War, Thomas Pennyman, was a member of a local royalist family. He was "deprived" of his living, and a minister called William Kaye took charge during the Commonwealth. When the monarchy was restored, Thomas Pennyman returned. Those who followed him were:

1688       Robert Ward

1723       Henry Cooke  Also a Prebend (of Rampton) at Southwell Minster

1750       Francis Wanley DD  Also Dean of Ripon Minster

1791       George Markham DD Son of William Markham, Archbishop.

                Also Dean of York from 1802

1823       Leveson Venables-Vernon-Harcourt Son of Edward V-V-H, Archbishop

                Also Archdeacon of Cleveland from 1828. He was also a published theologian.

1835       Charles Cator BD 

1873       Francis Digby Legard MA Of a long established family of baronets, married to Jane Vernon-Harcourt (Leveson’s niece) - they are buried in the Churchyard Extension. The church was much re-ordered in his time, and there is a stained glass window in his memory.

1883       Lloyd Stewart Bruce MA His youngest daughter Kathleen married Robert Scott (of the Antarctic) - the ring of bells (originally 6, now 8) was installed in his time.

1886       Charles Sisum Wright MA Of a family that still owns Eyam Hall (in Derbyshire). The window of the Transfiguration was installed in his memory. His son, William Peter Wright, acted as his curate for part of this time, and was also a keen bellringer.

1904       Frederick Seymour Besley BA

1905       Robert Fisher MA

1925       Thomas Enright Lindsay MA also Archdeacon of Cleveland

1936       Anthony Basil Carter MA also Archdeacon of Cleveland

1942       Clifford Hubert Davies FRGA

1967       William Clifford Slade MA

1971       Ronald John Woodley (Archdeacon of Cleveland 1985-91)

1985       Michael David Allan Dykes

2009 - 2020       Andrew Paul Hutchinson MA

Note: the parish is currently in the process of appointing a new Rector.